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Innovative technical solutions that transform workplace lunches

The hub is here.

We empower businesses to do food better.

Our meticulously designed hardware and simple-to-use software bring the best meals to employees in the most
convenient and safest manner possible. 

Mobile payments

Contact-free delivery


No queues


Return to work safely

Contact free distribution

Socially distanced collection

We support businesses implement robust COVID-19 strategies. 


Workspaces worldwide are working tirelessly to ensure that workers can access fantastic food in a hygienic and efficient manner. 

We are working closely with leading businesses to ensure they meet their return-to-work safely targets. 

Read the WHO guidelines on food handling and distribution here


Give your employees the food they deserve

Installing a hub in your location grants access to our curated network of restaurants, with a menu that changes daily.


Our smart logistics systems enable employees to purchase fantastic lunches for as little as £5, including delivery fees.


And the cost to you? Zero. 



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